Top Lettering Trends for 2017 and 2018

A Lettering Round Up from Riley & Ko for Made Weddings


As anyone with an Pinterest account knows, lettering has become a huge part of weddings: from save the dates and invitations all the way to seating chart displays and cake toppers. Traditional calligraphy has always been a staple for the most upscale weddings, but modern calligraphy brought a whole new era of lovely letters.

In 2017, we’re expecting to see some exciting variations from the modern calligraphy and chalkboard looks that have been so popular the last few years - although we don’t expect those to go anywhere! With wedding venues and overall vibes trending more unique, fun and customizable and less structured, we’re expecting to see some loosey-goosey letters, as well as some more typographic deviations from your traditional calligraphy!


Here’s our top wedding lettering styles to watch for 2017 and 2018!


Wispy Modern Calligraphy:

We’ve been starting to see a little bit more of this style and it’s been requested more and more! This style, using a traditional pointed pen nib, takes out all the rules of traditional calligraphy - it’s all about making the letters fit and flow - wispy and free! It’s like Modern Calligraphy’s free-spirited cousin who somehow has wildflowers growing in her yard all year long.


Brush Lettering: Similar to Wispy Modern Calligraphy, this style is very free, although it uses a different method. Characterized by thicker letters and inconsistent line thicknesses that blend together to create a nice texture. Brush lettering lends itself to great use of color - bright or muted!

Messy Hand: Sometimes the simplest-seeming styles require the most attention to detail. This messy hand technique can be done with a variety of utensils but more closely resembles regular hand-writing. The key here is balance - a refined messy hand style will not be symmetrical and the ligatures may be unexpected or nonexistent but the words or sentences will feel balanced and intentional!

Modern Calligraphy: Everyone’s favorite lettering style isn’t going anywhere! This style is popular for a reason: it looks great with just about any vibe of wedding. It’s the closest to very traditional pointed pen out of these 5 styles and can be easily applied to chalkboards, invitations, or long love notes. It pairs well with lots of other styles and fonts, making it the swiss army knife of all our styles.

Monoline Typography: We’re gonna go ahead and call it: this trend that has been hanging around the graphic design arena is going to start making its way into the wedding scene. This is the furthest deviation from typical calligraphy in that it’s very mathematical, characterized by matching angles, line weights, and baselines all the way through. It has a pretty hipster rep among designers so if the groom is wearing skinny jeans for the wedding, you’re probably jumping at the chance to use it on your invites!

Hand-drawn Serifs: This style is not actually a script at all. Think: Times New Roman took a shot of bourbon. We see this style not only standing on it’s own but also being paired with a script for signage.



We get asked quite a bit what we think the future of wedding lettering holds - and we’re excited to start seeing some new, customized styles with our lovely brides!  

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